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CAROLINE CHRISTIE and BOBBY LLOYD, both Hackney based, began informally working together in 2003 out of a shared curiosity in the landscape of the Lower Lea Valley, East London - a largely under-developed urban space, also recognised internationally as a prime site for regeneration and transformation, as well as site for London’s 2012 Olympic bid.

Both artist-photographers were particularly interested to find in their locality, a changeable territory which resonated with their independent experiences of working in other unpredictable urban contexts outside the UK. These include post-conflict zones such as Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

Since September 2003 their photographic images have marked the changes that the local

local landscape, infrastructure and communities have been going through due to local regeneration and the Olympic bid. They will continue to photographically explore the landscapes in the area in the run-up to the London Olympics in 2012.

CAROLINE CHRISTIE and BOBBY LLOYD also found a shared interest in developing community-based photographic projects within the same geographic area, having noticed the large Traveller caravan site in Hackney on one of their first photographic visits. They realised the potential in offering cameras to members of the site community to record their environments for themselves, particularly in a climate of local change and in view of plans for the plot of land on which the site is built. From this developed the year long Gypsy and Traveller projects on three sites in the area.