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[ RE: MOVING ] was an of exhibition of photographs by Bobby Lloyd and Caroline Christie that took place in London on four iconic red Routemaster buses, number 38, throughout the month of October 2005. It made use of all advertising spaces on the interior lower and upper decks as well as the exterior back panel.

The exhibition consisted of approximately 55 photographic images taken over a 2 year period, between September 2003 and August 2005, in the Channel Tunnel Rail Link site at Stratford and the landscape that will become home to London’s Olympics in 2012.

THE RATIONALE The project offered Londoners and visitors a unique glimpse of the at times dramatic and usually hidden changes happening in the 2012 Olympic area.

The exhibition was designed to reach the widest possible audience as it travelled on London's busiest bus route, between one of the Olympic Boroughs (Hackney) and the centre of London.

The exhibition also aimed to mark the final month of the number 38 Routemaster buses in service, now replaced by bendy buses.

This exhibition was funded by Arts Council, England.

With thanks to Transport for London, Arriva and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link site at Stratford.

Click on the images below to see enlarged prints.

internal & external panel
upper deck
lower deck