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Hackney, East London, 2005

On Site Arts presented SITE, its second exhibition, on Holocaust Memorial Day, 27th January 2005. In association with the Learning Trust’s Traveller Education Service in Hackney, SITE was the only known event in the UK to mark the Gypsy Holocaust. It aimed to encourage reflection on the ongoing persecution, prejudice and widespread disadvantage experienced by Gypsies and Travellers.

SITE consisted of a state-of-the-art caravan parked on the forecourt of the Learning and Technology Centre in Hackney, adjacent to Hackney Museum. Displayed in one window were photographs taken in East London shortly after the end of the Second World War. These belonged to the family of two of the Gypsy boys who participated in the project. Photographs, taken by the Gypsy and Traveller
children, were shown on a television in one window of the caravan. These photographs aimed to evoke a sense of absence.